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Why Working Out with Other Moms is Best Way to Start the Day

I used to LOVE training alone. Running alone. Lifting weights alone. Just me, a gym full of weights, sweaty bodybuilders and my headphones. Okay, my Sony Walkman. I liked to have loud music on, no interruptions and NO TALKING. Just 100% focus on each rep, my form, not a word for 2 hours. LOVE(D) That! Fast forward to my life with a family, hubs and kids. I LOVE training with other Moms. I NEED to train with other moms! Why?

For starters, working out with other moms is totally therapeutic. They get it. They’ve lived it. Sometimes you need other women who seem to say the right thing, who have walked a similar road, give you objective advice, someone who can share a killer new kale recipe all while you’re doing bench dips.

Fit Mom friends are super competitive in everything. I love that. We all cram each other for everything at every chance we get. “Oh, that’s all your lifting?” “Pretending to fix your ponytail to avoid mountain climbers again?”

Sometimes when we’re training, it’s silent. All you hear is the heavy breathing, the grunting, and the weights dropping. We’re comfortable. There is no need to make nervous chatter. However, most of the time, we carry on five different conversations at once, all while jumping rope, doing squats, pull-ups, curls and medicine ball slams. We’re making smart remarks, laughing, telling stories, sharing accomplishments and frustrations, giving insight, sharing recipes, providing advice, all in a caring, sarcastic hilarious sweaty hour.

Power Plyo to Blast Fat

I said this before during the Gold’s Gym days and it still applies:

: “100% of the time I feel 100% better after a workout.”

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