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Benefits of Watermelon

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Benefits of Watermelon

Mmm. Juicy refreshing Watermelon

  • eases muscle soreness after a workout, lifting weights, cardio…

Kiana Tom Squat Kicks

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  • improves collagen production


  • circulation

    My 89 year old Mom, Mom Tom as the Cast of Kiana’s Flex Appeal named her has beautiful skin!  She always taught me “everything in moderation.” That’s a constant struggle for me!

    Kiana Tom and Mom Tom

Exercise improves circulation too

Exercise improves circulation too

  • heart health

Keep your heart healthy for yourself and for the ones you LOVE :)

Keep your heart healthy for yourself and for the ones you LOVE 🙂

Scoop watermelon balls from a cold cold cold watermelon and put into a clear glass. It’s so refreshing on a hot summer day!

Benefits of Watermelon





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