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Top Picks for Wedge Sneakers

Do you like the Wedge Fashion Sneaker trend?

High heels in an athletic shoe

Fun way to elongate your legs, look sexy, fit and casual – all at the same time

When I first saw them I thought they were ridiculous. They looked cheap and I thought, “who would EVER where those?” Oops. Now for some reason,  I am attracted to them.  I think it’s because high end designers such as Giuseppe Zanotti and worldwide athletic brands such as Nike and PUMA are making them. The new designs look so much better, with high quality fabrics, details, hardware and leather.

My picks:

Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers – super fashion statement but pricey $695-$1295 online. I can see it with an all white designed fitness wear or jeans and white T-shirt. HOT!

These are my running shoes :) FitMomTV Wedge Sneaker Picks

Nike Wedge White/Metallic Silver – I love these because they look like traditional high tops, you don’t notice the wedge right way.

Fit Fashion Wedge Sneakers Fit Mom TV

Nike Red Sky Hi Sneakers – Wow, these are eye catching! I don’t wear alot of red, but love the tone on tone colors and textured heel. This would be a fun Valentines Gift for yourself, I mean someone.

What do you think of the Wedge Fashion Sneaker Trend? Fit Mom TV Review


PUMA Leopard Lace-Up – I LOVE leopard everything, but this is bit too busy. I like leopard print that isn’t so spotty looking. Plus the wood wedge heel next to the rubber sole and patent is just too chaotic for me.

I love leopard, but this is a bit too much. Fit Mom TV Wedge Sneaker Reviews

Wedge Boots Sneaker Shocking/Pink – The suede is really pretty. Love the pink on pink.

To wedge or not to wedge? Fit Mom TV

Ash Fashion Sneaker,Black – these are super cute. Love the canvas, makes it more understated. The silver hardware is edgy and the old school white toe is super cute.

Do you have a wedgy? Fit Mom TV Wedge Sneaker Reviews

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