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Kiana Bars

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail 100% all-natural whole food bars for your #fitfam. Made with ingredients you can see and your little kids can pronounce:

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Kiana Bars 100% Whole Food Protein Bars

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail13g protein, almonds, cashews, flax, gluten free oats, creamy dark chocolate. FREE SHIPPING ON 2+ BOXES! STOCK UP AND SAVE! Ingredients:

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Energy Bomb – My Go-To Pre-Workout Breakfast

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailPre Workout Breakfast This is my go to pre-workout breakfast.  Natural peanut butter and banana on toast. Banana has potassium to

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