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Why Working Out with Other Moms is Best Way to Start the Day

Sometimes you need other women who seem to say the right thing, who have walked a similar road, give you objective advice, someone who can share a killer new kale recipe all while you’re doing bench dips.

90 Day Challenge Transformation: Meet Fit Mom Vikki “I lost 20 lbs & my stomach pooch! I love my new toned arms!”

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailVikki is a mom of 2 and volunteer at her children’s school.  She started off training 2 x per week with

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Get Strong Shoulders

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailFit Mom Erin powering through Plate Raises for the shoulders with a 25 lb weight plate! Wow!–How to: Wide athletic stance.

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Best Leg & Butt Workout

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Best Leg & Butt Workout for Moms Using Free Weights & Your Own Body Weight Got 15 minutes? Try these

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90 Day Challenge Transformation: Meet Fit Mom Vena “20 lbs. gone! One day I said enough is enough, it’s time to get in shape!”

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail  One day I just said to myself, “enough is enough. I am going to make the change to get healthy

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I’ve lost weight and firmed up all over. The workouts help stabilize my hormones and keep me happy and healthy. My husband is glad I’m working out again as that was one area we shared in common when we met :) The big thing for me is convenience. I can do the workouts whenever it fits into my schedule from anywhere using my computer or mobile phone. I can also do back to back workouts or pick a 30 minute one!

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— Terrie, Mom of 2, Teacher

Meet Fit Mom Julie

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailRead this and you will not have any excuses at all. Meet Fit Mom Julie D. Wife of a Marathon Man. 

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90 Day Challenge Transformation: Meet Fit Mom Rachel “I lost 8 lbs. in 8 days!”

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailRachel is a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), volunteer & former flight attendant.  She was not exercising regularly before starting with

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