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Fun Fit! Partner Squats with your Fit Kid

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail Have fun while getting fit with Partner Squats! Face each other, feet shoulder width apart. Shoulders retracted and pushed down, head neutral. Hold hands. Keeping your back straight, squat down as if you are sitting in a chair. Repeat 10 times. Smile! Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Mac and Trees

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail  Mac and Trees: Kids and adults love it! Super simple. Ingredients: 1 Box Pasta (Look for protein pasta, Barilla makes one) 1 bunch organic broccoli 4 Tbs. Butter from grass fed cow (Kerry Gold is good) 2 Tbs. Flour 1 Cup Milk 2 Tbs. Butter 1/2 Cup Panko Directions: Boil 8-12 oz pasta according to instructions.┬á Set aside. 1 cup Steamed or microwaved broccoli florets.

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Fit Cooking Show: Fit Kids Fruit Kabobs

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailToo good – we had to repost this! Seems kids love to eat what they help make! Fruit Kabobs are fun and healthy! A terrific breakfast or snack dipped in protein rich Greek Yogurt and honey sauce. Also make a colorful after sports snacks too! Save Save Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Chill at the Queen Mary! Ice Castles! Ice Slides! Snow in So Cal!

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailCHILL AT THE QUEEN MARY Winter Wonderland in the OC Grab your beanies and gloves and head over to Chill in Long Beach CA. It’s a super cool event for everyone: couples, families, solo.┬á It’s really cold inside 32 degrees.┬á They provide down jackets for people who didn’t bring a warm coat.┬á It’s soooo cold that iPhones stop working periodically. What is there to see and

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Bumble Bees & M&Ms

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailHalloween Flash Back My BFF Crunch & My Beautiful Bumble Bee Kiana was 4.┬á┬á The cutest Bumble Bee I’ve ever seen.┬á Loves her Mommy.┬á Doesn’t understand why her big sister doesnt’ want to play with her ­čÖü Love everything! Everything is so exciting!┬á I love her enthusiasm it’s so contagious! Crunch, my 110 lb lab/shepard/chow.┬á My heart is heavy as I type this post. I am

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Spider Snacks

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail No explanation needed┬á ­čÖé Save Save Save Save Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Sky High Trampoline Park! A Birthday Party FIT for a Princess

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailMy Mini Me Turns 8 Pink Sparkly Cupcake Cake! Trampoline Park! Rock Climbing! Bull Riding! Hawaiian Pizza & Fruit! My daughter’s 8th birthday was coming up and she wanted to do something “where the kids could run around and be crazy” and invite all the kids from her class and her whole soccer team.┬á Yikes!┬á Sounds like alot of clean up if you ask me ­čÖé

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Healthy Creative Snacks for Kids

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail Fit Kids Food Art Edible healthy snacks for kids Turn this: Into this: I love everything about health and fitness. My passion in life is to motivate and inspire everyone of all ages, all fitness levels to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle.┬á On Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show of all time, I motivate millions in 100 countries on ESPN.┬á Now I want

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Fruit Flag Kabobs

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailFruit Flag Great for parties! Memorial Day! 4th of July! Any Day! Fun to make and fun to eat! The other night my daughter and I made this fun, festive Fruit Flag! It was so easy and fun to make together. I’m always looking for healthy treats to make that teach my children the importance of healthy eating (without them knowing they’re learning!) Ingredients 2 boxes

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Protein Peanut Butter Balls Recipe: Fit Kids TV Video Recipe

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailHealthy Protein Peanut Butter Balls Fun for Kids to Make & Eat Natural Ingredients.┬á Healthy Snack or Dessert My mom and I used to make these when I was a little girl.┬á I remember how fun it was to roll them into balls.┬á It is a special memory my mom and I share, I think the best part was the time we spent talking while doing

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Field Day at the Dodgers

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail ´ŞĆ Fun! Down on the field at the Dodgers Game! Getting ready for Anela to take the field and get her baseball signed by the players. Save Save Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Fit Kids TV Cooking Video: Apple Dessert

Kiana Jr. hosts Fit Kids TV Cooking and shows you how to make a fun Apple Dessert using organic apples, brown sugar, whole wheat bread and butter from grass fed cows.