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Fit Mom TV Founder, Kiana Tom, Guest Globetrotter

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail  FitMomTV Founder, Kiana Tom, taking the court with the always fun & athletic Harlem Globetrotters at the Honda Center in CALIFORNIA ÔÇťit was such an honor to be invited to shoot a few baskets with the Harlem Globetrotters I used to watch them as a little girl! Such a fun, super talented & athletic group! One of the best parts was how excited my youngest

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Sunset Chicken Recipe for your Ohana (Family) Gives you time to enjoy the Sunset!

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail Kiana’s Sunset Chicken Lemon Garlic Chicken with Crunchy Roasted Potatoes Why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe: 1 dish wonder: super easy cleanup! Great dish for parties because you can make the entire recipe in one disposable foil pan!┬á Great to take to the beach, picnic, house party or bbq. Sunset Ohana time: Because it bakes for 40 minutes total (Appx 20/20) it’s the perfect

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Christmas DIY Decor Using Driftwood, Sea Glass, Sea Shells, Sand & Other Beach Treasures

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailDIY Beach Kiana Christmas Tree Aloha! Here are the Items you need: Wood, Driftwood, sea glass, seashells, sand, rocks, pine cones, palm tree leaves & other beachy treasures Love walking on the beach? Me too! Why not pick up some treasures while you’re walking or jogging and make a one-of-a-kind DIY Christmas decor for your home? What a fun craft to make after walking on the

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Chill at the Queen Mary! Ice Castles! Ice Slides! Snow in So Cal!

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailCHILL AT THE QUEEN MARY Winter Wonderland in the OC Grab your beanies and gloves and head over to Chill in Long Beach CA. It’s a super cool event for everyone: couples, families, solo.┬á It’s really cold inside 32 degrees.┬á They provide down jackets for people who didn’t bring a warm coat.┬á It’s soooo cold that iPhones stop working periodically. What is there to see and

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Bumble Bees & M&Ms

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailHalloween Flash Back My BFF Crunch & My Beautiful Bumble Bee Kiana was 4.┬á┬á The cutest Bumble Bee I’ve ever seen.┬á Loves her Mommy.┬á Doesn’t understand why her big sister doesnt’ want to play with her ­čÖü Love everything! Everything is so exciting!┬á I love her enthusiasm it’s so contagious! Crunch, my 110 lb lab/shepard/chow.┬á My heart is heavy as I type this post. I am

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My Fit Kid. Why not a soccer ball or ice skates?

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail Why not a tennis racket, soccer ball or ice skates?┬á Of course my daughter has to pick something that takes up considerably more room and upkeep! -´ŞĆ┬á I am excited for her, she is getting ready for her first equestrian dressage competition! Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Fit Mom TV Fit Elf on the Shelf

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailFit Elf on the Shelf Growing Up I didn’t have the Elf on the Shelf. I asked my mom and she said she had never heard of it. I love this and so does my youngest daughter. We both jump out of bed in the morning to see what our Elf has been doing while we were asleep. Our Elf is a Fit Elf. She seems

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Hawaiian Cowgirl

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailInstagram Proud Fit Mom Moment. I LOVE ´ŞĆ this photo I took of my daughter at the Ranch. I can truly feel her happiness just by looking at the picture. ´ŞĆ I just love the big smile and how happy she looks.┬á I always tell my kids, Find something you love to do and you’ll be good at it.   Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Love my Fit Kids :)

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail Run! Jump! Play! Show your kids how to be active everyday and teach them to love fitness at a young age! Love my little Fit Kid…just look at that smile on her face (and mine:) My kids bring me such joy… Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Muscle Star Fish!

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail Look! The tiny star fish is doing a double bicep! Big waves washed up kelp and sealife! Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Painting and Wine Night so fun! Kids have chocolate milk

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailInstagram Picture Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

My Mom. Photo of the Month

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailMy Mom Photo of the Month This photo I took of my mom while she was enjoying the spectacular view on our recent vacation to the Riviera Maya Mexico.┬á My husband and I took both our moms and our kids on an 8 night trip. I will be posting all the pics soon, but wanted to share this special photo with you first.┬á I love that

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