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Healthy Hula Girl Coconut Cupcake Recipe

Healthier Desserts? Try these amazing, guilt free Coconut Cupcakes! Kiana’s Favorite!

Coffee with Benefits

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailI love good coffee. I love Starbucks. I have a coffee shop Ā set up at home including the Starbucks cups, expresso machine and frother, soy milks, sprinkles, straws, you name it. Believe it or not, but I’ve never had a frappuccino due to the high amount of sugar content. After reading the ingredients and the nutritional breakdown of some of their coffee drinks, I decided to

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Coconut Coffee

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail Mmm. Have you ever tried Coconut Coffee? ļø How to make: simply add a teaspoon of premium coconut oil to your coffee. It adds healthy antioxidants, good fats and a creamy, slightly nutty, coconut flavor. Delicious! Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailHawaiian Sweet Potatoes With Lite Coconut Milk & Pineapple Island Favorite! Easy and fun to make. Make ahead of time and reheat šŸ™‚   INGREDIENTS: 6 medium sweet potatoes or canned sweet potatoes (if you’re in a pinch) 1/4 cup stevia brown sugar 1/4 cup grass fed butter 1/2 cup diced fresh pineapple or 1 can cubed pineapple 1/2 cup lite coconut milk Optional: unsweetened coconut

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25 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail 25 ways to use coconut oil In Hawaii, coconuts are a daily source of food, moisturizer and healthy fats. Here are 25 wonderful unique ways I use coconut oil For baking, I will replace oil and butter with coconut oil. Try my Healthy Hula Girl Coconut Cupcakes It’s a delicious moisturizer for your body Exquisite bath oil Massage oil Lip balm Eye cream Deep conditioner

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Healthy Hawaiian Pineapple Stuffing

Taste of the Islands! Pineapple, coconut and colorful cranberries in this simple stuffing side dish. Aloha!

Hula Coconut Rice

This recipe is so simple but gives a huge flavor boost. The rice gets a slightly sweet and nutty flavor and is a perfect complement to my Coconut Chicken and Mandarin Orange Asian Salad. Aloha!

Recipe: Pina Colada Protein Shake

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailHere is a delicious Protein Shake Recipe I love to make for breakfast or healthy snack. It tastes sinful, but it’s loaded with protein and fresh fruit. Pina Colada Pineapple Coconut Protein Shake Coconut Milk or Coconut Water Frozen Pineapple Chunks (Buy them at Costco or Trader Joes or freeze fresh or canned pineapple) *Secret Ingredient: 1/2 frozen banana (I always keep peeled bananas in my

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Recipe: Get Pumped! Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes and Coconut Milk: Fit Cooking

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail Sweet Potato – Hawaiian Style Ever since the body building days, I have loved sweet potatoes. I still eat them as a regular part of a Protein Power Plate Meal: Grilled chicken or steak, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Here is one of my very favorite recipes for Island Hawaiian Style Sweet Potatoes. Hope you enjoy them like I do! Ingredients: 6-8 Sweet Potatoes (or if

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