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Fit Mom TV Online Classes

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Fit Mom TV Online Exercise Classes ā€¢ Sample

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail Get your pre-kid booty back with Fit Mom TV Online Classes. Join members worldwide losing body fat, increasing lean muscle and having fun doing it! Workout anywhere in the world you live from any device. Choose from 100s of recorded fitness classes and follow along using your own body weight or free weights. Exercise modifications offered during classes make this program suitable for all fitness

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Fit Mom TV Online Fitness Classes ā€¢ Sample

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail Ready to get fit with Fit Mom TV? Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail

90 Day Challenge Transformation: Meet Fit Mom Vikki “I lost 20 lbs & my stomach pooch! I love my new toned arms!”

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailVikki is a mom of 2 and volunteer at her children’s school.Ā  She started off training 2 x per week with Fit Mom TV Workouts and has lost over 20 lbs. and inches off her waist and thighs. “I have never had toned arms ever in my whole life.Ā  All of this is from Kiana’s workouts!” Lost Body Fat Lost 20 lbs. Tightened and toned all

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90 Day Challenge Transformation: Meet Fit Mom Vena “20 lbs. gone! One day I said enough is enough, it’s time to get in shape!”

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail  One day I just said to myself, ā€œenough is enough. I am going to make the change to get healthy and fit.ā€ I am so glad I did. Iā€™ve lost alot of weight, tightened my entire body! I LOVE Kianaā€™s workouts! Vena   Sign up for Online Access & Save on this tremendous opportunity to train virtually with Kiana. If you were to train with

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Reverse the Aging Process

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailFitness is the Fountain of Youth Lose Fat!  Reverse the signs of aging! Sign up for Kiana’s eGym & take Online Fitness Classes! The New Year is almost here!  Most people say they are going to “get in shape” this year or “lose weight” or “exercise more regularly.”  Now is the time.  And it couldn’t be easier to access my professional, expert workouts wherever in the

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Fit Mom TV Online Classes – Sample

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailWhat a wonderful, kick butt workout this morning in the Online Gym!Ā  In case you don’t know, I have cameras in my Gym and broadcast my workouts MWF at 9:30 am pst.Ā  You can watch the LIVE class or watch the recorded version anytime.Ā  All of the exercises are geared toward incinerating body fat and increasing lean muscle.Ā  All of the exercises are compound to work

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90 Day Challenge Transformation: Meet Fit Mom Rachel “I lost 8 lbs. in 8 days!”

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailRachel is a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), volunteer & former flight attendant. Ā She was not exercising regularly before starting with Fit Mom TV Workouts.Ā  “I was walking along the beach path but not doing any strength training.” Says Rachel. “I found out about Kiana’s workouts from a friend of mine, Robin who was training with Fit Mom TV Online.” “I lost 8 lbs. after only

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