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Super Hero Mom Trick or Trunk

 Super Mom Trick or Trunk Theme


So last night, yes last night, my 9 year old daughter told me she changed her mind and decided she did want me to do a Trick or Trunk for the annual Halloween event in the Community.  Trick or Trunk is when parents volunteer to decorate the trunk of their car and hand out candy for the kids.  It’s a safer way of trick or treating.

Of course, I said I’d love to as I ran out the door to Halloween costume stores (those random stores that pop up every October and are so dirty), Party City and any other store that might have decorations. Halloween decorations are so not my thing.  I finally decided on a Super Hero theme.  I printed Cartoon Words BOOM! POW! BAM! and cut them out, put on poster board.  Made signs for the kids to do various exercises to “earn” their treats (um, I didn’t tell them that the treats weren’t candy.)

Super Hero Exercises

  • 10 Super Hero Jumping Jacks (seriously it was THE MOST adorable thing to see 4 year old Cinderellas, Storm Troopers, Princesses and Ninjas doing jumping jacks!)
  • Super Toss: Toss little pumpkins & glitter skulls into a basket in my trunk (each one you get in the basket means an extra goodie!)
  • Super Hero Pose (parents loved this, great photo opp!)


Kiana Tom Super Mom Trick or Trunk

Last  year I did a GHOULS GYM (aka GOLDS GYM 🙂 I can’t find the pic 🙁

Have YOU done a Trick or Trunk? If so, what was your theme?

Kiana Tom Super Hero Mom


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