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Fit Kids: Sports Specific Workout: U8 Soccer & Healthy Soccer Snacks

Does your child play soccer?

Soccer Exercises & Healthy Soccer Snack

Hi fit moms! I know many of our children enjoy playing soccer! My youngest daughter, a.k.a. Mini Me, loves to play soccer!  I am so happy she loves fitness! She does chin ups all day and all night long, in her princess dress, school uniform and even in her footie PJs!

U8 Sports Specific Soccer Workout

We are so proud of her as she just made the Club Soccer Team and will start in the spring.  I was asked by AYSO to come up with some sport specific soccer exercises and wanted to share them with you. This is a wonderful workout to do that focuses on agility, coordination and the muscles used when playing soccer. I hope your kid(s) or Team(s) will give this a try. Go Team!


Download PDF

Healthy Snacks

As every soccer mom knows, we all take turns bringing snacks. Many of us are appalled with some moms bring donuts and soda pop as snacks for halftime. It’s important to feed our kids healthy snacks that provide quick energy for sports such as fruit and bottled water.



Fruit Kabobs (my daughter”s favorite to make and share)

String Cheese

Orange slices or Cutie tangerines (seedless)

Yogurt tubes or cups (look for no sugar and GREEK Yogurt)

Mini carrots and hummus

Hard boiled eggs (they’re funprotein mommy!)

Mini pretzels and cheese

Frozen Grapes (another fun favorite)

multi grain crackers and cheese

Water! Water! Water! Avoid sugary drinks

My kids LOVE using my new Aloha Fruit Infusion Bottles for Soccer and at school. They simply add their favorite fruit to the cartridge and freeze it, then pop it into the water and sip naturally flavored water. Now all the kids at school are using them!

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Make your own naturally flavored fruit water! Aloha Infusion Bottles


I am sure many of you fit moms have healthy snack ideas, here is one of the favorite of mine and the kids. My daughter loves to make them and loves to hand them out to her teammates.

Fit Kids Fruit Kabobs!

Fit Mom Fruit Kabobs - Healthy Soccer Snacks -

Ready for Soccer!~ Aloha Fruit Infusion Bottles


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