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Slow Cooker Chili Recipe

I love chili especially when it’s made with more protein and fresh toppings.  Sundays are Ohana / family day. I usually make a large pot of healthy food that we can enjoy all day.  It’s relaxing since it’s ready all day and we can eat when we’re hungry.  This recipe is a favorite. I make it all of the time, it’s great for Game Day or any day!

Why this recipe is so wonderful:

  • It’s SUPER Simple
  • I usually have everything already – no going to the grocery store
  • Fast! 10 minute prep
  • Loaded with Protein
  • Saves well for easy reheat on busy days
  • Ready whenever you are, the longer it cooks, the tastier it gets!
  • Perfect for parties or families when people arrive at different times
  • It’s a complete meal or a hearty dip
  • So easy, teens can do this! Great for college dorms too
  • Customize it, add your favorite beans
  • Serve with side salad and corn bread
  • Great to make early and enjoy all day
  • Perfect game day football food for Super Bowl
  • Add your healthy toppings: Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, organic green onions, cheese!

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