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Kiana’s Home

Kiana’s Hale (Home in Hawaiian) Hale is where the Ohana is Home Tour / Kiana Tom, Founder of Fit Mom TV & Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN the #1 rated fitness show of all time reaching 80 million homes worldwide. “Best in fitness” USA Today Aloha everyone! Thank you for all the requests to see my home.  I know many of you are curious what my house looks like, decor, layout,

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Demo: Split Jumps for strong legs, butt and heart

This is a challenging exercise to do that burns major calories and tightens your legs & butt.  The main thing to focus on is to keep your upper leg and lower leg at 90 degrees.  For example, your right leg is forward: the right thigh should be 90 degree to the lower leg.  Use your arms for momentum. Keep your shoulders back and down. Exhale as you explode upward! Do

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Fit Quickie: Chest & Core Press

Fit Moms don’t like to waste time! We like to maximize every minute and get the most from our efforts. That’s why we LOVE the Core Chest Press. By holding 1 weight, you force your core stabilization muscles to kick in and the result? A tighter, stronger core faster.  Do 15 reps. each arm, 3 rounds. Pick a weight that is appx. 60% of your 1 rep. max.  The last

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