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Hi Fit Moms! Yeah! Our New Fit Mom TV Website is up and running after a face lift!  Any Fit Moms out there who want to be featured on our website, we’d love to hear from you! – please contact us. Moms will never look the same again….

Busy Mom’s Secret: Jump Rope with Benefits. Kick Asphalt.

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Exercise: Plate Crunches

PLATE LUNCH CRUNCH – Ab Exercise I’m loving right now. Starting position: Hold a weight plate or dumbbell in your hands, legs / body at 90 degrees, shoulders slightly off floor, abs contracted, pelvis tilted under so your lower back is firmly against the floor. The Move: Exhale as you press plate upward toward the sky, flexing the abs, holding for a beat at the top, lowering slowly back to

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Fit Mom TV – Online Training

Log on. Get fit. Expert. Efficient. Empowering. The premier digital portal for #1 Rated, LIVE & On-Demand HD workouts! As Seen on TV! Real Moms.  Real Fit. Get Amazing Results in Less Time. Train around your busy mom schedule! Train in real time to “live” broadcasts, or at your own pace browsing 100’s of videos! These real moms train 2-3 days per week with the Online Training Program. Look at

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Energy Bomb – My Go-To Pre-Workout Breakfast

Pre Workout Breakfast This is my go to pre-workout breakfast.  Natural peanut butter and banana on toast. Banana has potassium to help with muscle cramps. Natural peanut butter has protein and good fats for sustained energy. Glass of water and coffee. Post workout I have a protein shake. What is your pre-and post workout meal?

Fit Cooking Videos

Fit Cooking Show: Fit Kids Fruit Kabobs

Too good - we had to repost this! Seems kids love to eat what they help make! Fruit Kabobs are fun and healthy! A terrific…

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Fit Cooking Video: Blueberry Brown Rice Pudding

This is a wonderful recipe that you can make using left over brown rice.  It is simple to make and uses fresh blueberries, your milk…

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Kiana's Flex Appeal Shows

Kiana’s Flex Appeal: Fit Firm Arms & Coed Training in Hawaii

Tighten and Tone Your Arms Sculpt Sexy Shoulders, Biceps Here is a terrific workout to do at home or in the gym for tighter, firmer…

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Working out with Mommy on TV

So cute! Never thought this would happen. My youngest daughter doing "overhead tricep extensions with Mommy" on Kiana's Flex Appeal. Good form too! And I…

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