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1 Move to Tighten your Butt, Abs and Core

Fit Mom TV Exercise of the DayTry Sandy Fingers for a killer core, super strong hamstrings and glutes!

How to do them:

Get in a wide athletic stance, right knee slightly bent and locked. Shoulder blades retracted and pressed down, core tight. 

The Move:

From this position raise your left arm directly overhead and look at your left hand. Slowly run your right hand down your lower leg as if you were trying to put your fingers in the sand.

Fit Tip:

Beginners hold the weight in your lower hand. Advanced people hold the weight in your upper hand.  Make sure and look up at your hand throughout the entire motion. Inhale as you lower down exhale as you stand back up. Make sure you stand back up all the way so your torso is upright.


Try to do 15 repetitions four sets

Photo: I’m wearing a Strong is Sexy tank top in ocean blue. Flower weights now back in stock too.


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