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My Mom. Photo of the Month

Kiana Tom's Mom Riviera MayaMy Mom

Photo of the Month

This photo I took of my mom while she was enjoying the spectacular view on our recent vacation to the Riviera Maya Mexico.  My husband and I took both our moms and our kids on an 8 night trip. I will be posting all the pics soon, but wanted to share this special photo with you first.  I love that my mom didn’t know I was taking her picture.  My father, her husband and love of her life, passed away about 6 months ago.  I can only imagine what she was thinking 🙁  I love her bright neon green hat, her very favorite color.  When I look at this photo, I can hear her thoughts. I also love love love the turquoise blue ocean against the textures of the green plants and rocks.  Love this photo 🙂

My Mom aka Mom Tom as the cast of Kiana’s Flex Appeal called her is always the life of every party. Everyone loves her. She sees the glass not as half full but as over flowing.

Mom is responsible for starting me in fitness; she put a tennis racket in my hand instead of a baby rattle! Really! Isn’t that funny? She brought me up to treat everyone the same no matter the race, upbringing, where they were from. To this day, I still run important decisions by her because I know that NO ONE has my best interest in mind except for my Mom.

Mom traveled with me for all my Kiana’s Flex Appeal shows, my hosting the X Games, hosting the Fitness America Pageants, multiple television shows and movies. She is so easy going and we love to do the same things. We love to try new restaurants, go shoe shopping, sip champagne, meet new people 🙂

XO Kiana

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Photo By: Kiana

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