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Top Fit Mom Lifestyle Brand by Kiana Tom, Star of Kiana's Flex Appeal

90 Day Challenge Transformation Meet Tina – “I threw out my size 18 jeans! My 7 year old asked why I was bigger than the other mommies :( I started training with Kiana and Iove my new lifestyle!”


I had never exercised before.  I was so out of shape and a different person than I am now.  I had what was supposed to be a simple surgery that went wrong and I almost died.  Furthermore, I had high blood pressure and a mini stroke.  I knew I had to work to get my health back.

What motivated me to start training with Kiana’s eGym and Fit Mom TV ? …

My 7 year old daughter noticed I was out of shape and asked why I was bigger than the other mommies 🙁 


With my doctor’s approval, I started training with Kiana online.  After 90 days, I’ve lost 20 lbs, threw out my size 18 jeans and am tighter and toned all over.   The best part, is that exercise feels like my normal way of life now. I even worked out 5 times while on vacation!  Join and get started, you can do it too!

I have yo yo’d with fitness & eating habits my whole life. Around three years ago I went thru what was to be a standard out patient procedure having my gallbladder removed to having a major reconstruction due to my main bile duct had been cut from liver during that procedure. I almost died. It took months for me to even get back to normal. I then started a new job & crazy eating patterns & no exercise and very high blood pressure.

My 7 yr old wanted to know why I was bigger then most mommies ! That was it! I have known Kiana for a few years & she has wanted to help me for some time. I kept thinking there is no way I can keep up with those Fit Moms. I then called Kiana & said I want to do the 90 day challenge. I couldn’t keep up at first but it didn’t stop me. 2 weeks into working out I found out that I had , had a stroke a month prior. I was so beyond happy knowing I had already been taking the steps to making a healthy life style and had not been doing anything. I’m so grateful to Kiana for being such a fantastic support & not thinking I was a lose cause. My whole family is gaining this life style & my husband has lose too. I’m not stopping. Thank You Kiana xoxo

“I even worked out on my vacation.  I love my new fitness lifestyle! I’m not stopping!”

Fit Moms vs Fit Kids!

Fit Moms vs Fit Kids! Front to back Moms: Tina, Trace, Kiana, Sarah, Julie




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