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Make an Easy Exercise Plan with Workout Bingo

Make an Easy Exercise Plan with Workout Bingo

Often, what gets in the way of us achieving that fit and healthy body we’ve always wanted is the lack of motivation to get right down to it and start working out. It could be because of busy schedules between home and the office, the list of chores that never seem to get done, the mentality that “Just five more minutes,” of sleep is alright, or the simple fact that you don’t even know where to begin. Not all of us can afford personal trainers or a gym membership, and sadly, on some days, you might be a little too busy to work out with Kiana on FitMomTV.

The idea of working out by yourself often sounds dreary, and even simple exercises like sit-ups and crunches can seem monotonous once you’ve tried to integrate them into your routine. For those days when you want to create a personal workout plan, here’s a great solution from FitMomTV: Workout Bingo!

Bingo is a game that’s as versatile as it is renowned, and in the past few years, the game has grown to epic proportions. Not only has the market for the game in the UK reached an all-time high, with the BBC reporting that the first 20 online bingo portals in 2004 have grown to over 350 by 2013. Many companies also see bingo as the solution to their problems, with Betfair launching bingo and casino sites and seeing revenues rise by 10%. The game has lent itself to a variety of causes, and the YMCA of Greater Charlotte once used bingo to challenge their local community to get fit.

Workout Bingo is played in much the same way as the Fitness Bingo game used by the YMCA, but it allows for much more customization because you get to choose the exercises yourself. Start by listing down 5 exercises for each muscle area: Arms, Back, Chest, Core, and Legs. You could also swap some of these areas around if there’s a certain area you want to focus on training – just make sure you don’t repeat an area so that you get as versatile a workout as possible.

Once you’ve gotten your exercises ready, use an online bingo card generator to turn your list into a set of bingo cards. Pick a card and print it out, and number the exercises under each category from 1-5. Once you’ve done this, you can then start playing! In the morning, or at night before you go to bed, roll a die and take note of the exercise that corresponds to the number you rolled and mark it off as the exercise you’ll be doing for the day. If you rolled a six or a number that corresponds to an exercise you’ve already done, you can either roll again or pick any exercises you want from the list. Do this for each category until you’ve got five exercises for the day!

This game allows you to add a bit of a fun and random element to your workouts, but also helps you familiarize yourself with different exercises so you can find what you’re most comfortable doing and which exercises work for you. After a while, you won’t even need to play the game anymore, as you begin to develop better fitness habits with each consecutive day working out.


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