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We strive to be the key source of information for busy moms wanting expert tips and advice on all things health and fitness, while healthy value to our family’s lifestyle.  Moms can tune in and discover exercise routines they can do at home. Log on. Get fit. Anywhere in the world you live on any device.  Moms can discover new healthy recipes with Celeb Chefs to feed their families healthy, delicious & kid friendly foods. Watch and listen to Kiana’s personal Fit Mom Tips and see how she balances fitness, food and family.

“Moms around the world in 20 countries, visit us and tune it to Fit Mom TV.  We all share the passion for healthy living: fitness. food. family.” says Kiana.


Who’s saying what?

“Best in Fitness” – USA Today
“The Queen of Fitness!” – Access Hollywood
“TV’s Top Trainer!” – Cosmopolitan Magazine
“Fitness Guru” – EXTRA
“Top role model in health fitness!” – United States Sports Academy
“Legend in Fitness” – FitTV
“Kiana is a powerful role model for Moms and Women everywhere!” Barbara Corcoran, Today Show NBC; “Shark Tank” ABC / MSNBC
“Top 10 Cable Shows to Watch!”—Entertainment Weekly
Princess of Power!—TV Guide
“A global authority in health and fitness” – Sony Pictures
“One of the most significant Alumni”—UCLA
“Next Jane Fonda!” – Asia Weekly
“Kiana the Exer-Vixen!”—Maxim Magazine
“Top TV Workouts!”—Fit Magazine
“’s Kiana Tom sculpts your body from flabby to fabulous!” -CBS Health
“Kiana and her shows are a fun way to maintain sound Cardiovascular fitness.” – Good Health
“Kiana has the Power to Energize!”-Entertainment Tonight
“Southland’s Fitness Expert”—FOX 11 News
“Internationally acclaimed fitness expert with worldwide marketing and branding appeal.” Kevin Harrington, “Infomercial King,” TV Goods
“Kiana made an indelible mark on the 21st century” – CBS Late Late Show
“Kiana’s Flex Appeal defined an era” – Pilgrim Films

Fitness Legend Award

Kiana is the proud recipient of the coveted United States Sports Academy Award and was asked to speak on behalf of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness for Kids on Fox News Channel.  As the winner of the Ms. Shape Magazine Award, Kiana has graced the covers of 100’s of magazines, appeared in 100’s of television interviews, radio and print.  This March 2015, Kiana will be presented with the prestigious Fitness Legend Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger and the International Chiropractor’s Association at the Arnold Fitness Expo.

Fit Mom TV is Kiana’s latest flex on fitness

We were the first to offer LIVE streaming fitness classes and massive online fitness library for busy moms.  This web-first was created in response to thousands of women around the world asking Kiana how to get fit fast on their busy mom schedules. With a mission and Mom motivation, Kiana modified her 10,000+ Kiana’s Flex Appeal Celeb workouts and broke them down into doable 10-minute fitness routines for time-strapped Moms.  After taking time off to start a family, Kiana has re-entered the health and fitness television biz! As a busy mom,  Kiana’s Fit Mom demographic has been received with overwhelming response.


“I created Fit Mom TV to help Moms live a lifestyle of health and fitness. Fit Mom TV provides expert advice and instruction to help moms balance their busy lives. We focus on Fitness. Food. Family. Fun.  After having my1st child, I quickly became aware that often my needs were last. As a busy mom, I needed to develop a more flexible / time efficient fitness routine and prepare healthy meals ahead of time. By taking care of myself, I am a much happier, energetic and more patient Mom,” says Kiana.



fitmomtv transformation


Bring home the bacon and fry it in up in a pan. Using coconut oil of course.

fit-cooking-kiana.comWith a mission and Mom motivation, Kiana is hosting and producing 10-60 minute web shows that include healthy lifestyle tips, exercise routines for busy moms and the newest episode to the Fit Mom TV lineup: “Kiana’s Fit Cooking” with Celeb Chef Eldon Pico, winner of the Iron Chef competition and father of 6.

Kiana and Chef Eldon demonstrate healthy recipes that can be made in 10 minutes that the entire family will love. After only 4 months of launch and all via word of mouth, 100 countries are visiting and tuning into our web shows!  Kiana’s Fit Mom TV will be a key source of information for moms to come back to time and time again.


Now available in downloadable ebook or softcover format on our website here, iTunes & Amazon.  “This is my special collection of simple healthy recipes for the foods I make for my Ohana (family), to stay lean, feel our best and stay healthy! It’s easier to consistently eat healthfully when you have a reliable arsenal of recipes! These are my favorite recipes I make all of the time.” Kiana.


“She’s TV’s top celeb trainer, Internationally Recognized, Award Winning Fitness Guru, Power Princess, Global Fitness Authority and also carries the titles of actress, author, entrepreneur, wife and MOM. Kiana is internationally recognized worldwide, as Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal” ESPN for over a decade. (Access Hollywood)

“With her charisma, extreme energy and friendly approachability, Kiana motivates all audiences to live a lifestyle of health and fitness.” Entertainment Tonight.

“Kiana is a trusted source of information who has motivated millions and millions of viewers around the world on thousands of television shows and on her own fitness series, Kiana’s Flex Appeal the highest rated fitness show on ESPN.” ESPN Internal Programming Dept.

kiana's flex appeal


Kiana is internationally recognized in 100 countries, as the Star of “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” television series. She is Host and Founder of her trend setting, healthy lifestyles series, which quickly became the “highest rated show in the history of ESPN Network after only 1 week of airing.”  Kiana’s Flex Appeal is the “#1 rated fitness show of all time” currently airing worldwide in 80 million homes, since 1995.


Kiana’s notoriety transcends all media: Kiana starred in Sony Picture’s Movie: Universal Soldier with Jean Claude Van Damme, enjoyed guest appearances on the Drew Carrey Show, Family Law, Host to the XGames & Blade Warriors, CBS News, Fox News, Monday Night Live, Access Hollywood, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Hosted the ABC Superbowl Nightlife Special, to name a few.


Kiana is an award winning, trusted health and fitness authority and a key source of information for 20 years on ESPN. She is recognized around the world as a role model to millions in 100 countries.  Kiana and her show reach millions of fitness minded enthusiasts and consumers on a daily basis, across multiple platforms while delivering regular communication to her millions of fans.

Kiana was asked to speak on behalf of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness for Kids on Fox News Channel.  She received the coveted “United States Sports Academy Eisenhower Award” as one of the nation’s top role models in the health and fitness industry.


Kiana has been sought after, interviewed and quoted in a wide variety of media including: the United States Sports Academy, USA Today, Jane Fonda’s new movie “Fitness Legends,” LA Times, Shark Tank ABC, E!, TV Guide, Fit TV, Entertainment Weekly Magazine, CBS Health, ESPN, Fox News Channel, Cosmopolitan Magazine, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Fit TV, Fit Magazine, CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN2, Maxim Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Eye on LA, Sony Pictures, Late Late Show, Hard Copy, Inside Edition, Yolk Magazine, Health and Fitness Magazine, Fitness Magazine, CNBC, Sony Pictures.


Kiana has hosted thousands of television shows in studio(s), on location(s) and in front of live audience(s,) utilizing improve, TelePrompTer, IFB and cue cards.  An avid athlete, Kiana often hosted sports shows that required her to Host on camera, while on inline skates, mountain bikes or snow skis.

As Host of the popular “X Games,” Kiana’s athletic abilities enabled her to participate in many of the extreme sports to “get the interview” such as downhill street luging at 50 mph. Kiana has conducted hundreds of interviews for national and international television shows. As a leader in the fitness industry, Kiana was host to the national and international Fitness America Pageant series in front of 5000+ live audience(s) members.

Says one of the pageant contestants, “We all look up to Kiana, she is a true role model.”


Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

Kiana's Flex Appeal cast

Due to the tremendous success of Kiana and her shows, Kiana and ESPN developed additional television shows which she hosted:
•    Kiana’s Too Fit 2 Quit
•    Kiana’s Summer Sizzle
•    Hot Summer Nights with Kiana
•    Cross Training with Kiana
•    Extreme Energy


Kiana is featured on CBS Health as special guest, fitness expert, with her workout routines & videos available to their 16 million viewers.

See Kiana Tom CBS Health

kiana tom cbs health

CBS Health Kiana

“The next Jane Fonda” Yolk Magazine


Kiana recently appeared on Jane Fonda’s new movie as a “Leader and True Legend in Fitness.”  Kiana was described in Yolk Magazine as the “next Jane Fonda.”  Kiana is featured in the upcoming movie “the Workout” by Jane Fonda, was guest fitness celeb on Shark Tank, ABC (Mark Burnett/Apprentice Fame) and hosted a worldwide tv infomercial for the “BodyJac” invented by Cactus Jack / Inventor Extraordinaire. Kevin Harrington is founder of TV Goods, Inc. and Barbara Corcoran is real estate mogul and regular on MSNBC.

Kiana Tom - Celeb Fitness Expert on Shark Tank NYC to review fitness inventions


The Kiana brand is excited to introduce health club quality gear for the home and a line of motivational shirts to wear to workout & go out.


and follow her tweets to get your social media fit fix. Kiana posts regular Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook updates and her own daily Tweet Fit Tips.


Want to talk Q Score? Kiana kicks butt, measuring extremely high.

Together, Kiana’s Flex Appeal on ESPN and Kiana’s Fit Mom TV on the web, reach 80 million homes daily. Repeat exposure, baby. Since ’95 her ESPN show has aired around the world every day, twice daily and all day on New Years days; it earned the ‘highest rated show’ in the network’s history after only one week on air. All of which led to her being called, “the Queen of Fitness” and “the most widely recognized fitness expert in the world.

Kiana Tom Super Hero Mom


Kiana has written tens of thousands of health and fitness shows for ESPN and personally created the trend setting workout segments: “Home Gym” “Pro Gym” “Target Training” and “Water Workouts” for her television series.  To ensure the “style and content of the shows matched her vision,” Kiana was instrumental in virtually every aspect of the television production including: location selection, casting, wardrobe selection, editing dailies, approving all edits and motivating the 35 person cast & crew that consisted of 5 cameras including jib, dolly, steady and underwater cameras.


Kiana earned her Bachelor of Arts at UCLA and was named

“One of the most significant UCLA Alumni”

alongside Heather Locklear, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Arthur Ashe.  One of Kiana’s very first modeling jobs was for the UCLA Bruin Catalog in Los Angeles, CA.


In her free time, Kiana loves relaxing with her family, teaching her kids about fitness and healthy living through example, painting, playing the piano, jogging with her dogs on the beach and traveling.


Recently, Kiana launched the Fit Kids & Teens Academy, putting on Fit Kids Mini Boot Camps in the community and at schools to help motivate kids and teens to love fitness at an early age.  Due to the success of the Fit Kids Camps, Kiana has been asked to develop sports specific workouts for AYSO and community Softball Teams.

“My family is the best part of my whole life. They bring me such happiness, love & laughter. After motivating millions of people worldwide, it’s ironic that my 2 daughters motivate me to constantly be more aware of my choices.”







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