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15 Healthy Grab & Go Snacks

Eating healthfully is easier if you’re prepared.

Here are some favorite grab-n-go healthy snacks


These are so fun to make and so colorful! Try pre-making some healthy fruit kabobs to keep in your fridge for easy grab and go snacks. I love to get these in Greek yogurt for protein. Whenever I have a snack, it should include some type of protein.  I mean, come on…Who wouldn’t want one of these juicy Fruit Kabobs?

Kiana Tom Fruit Kabobs

Tip: My kids always eat more if they help make these Fruit Kabobs. I let them pick the fruit and encourage them to try a new fruit each time.

Making Fruit Kabobs with Dragon Fruit. Organic honey yogurt dip too!


  • Pre packaged almonds
  • trail mix
  • 1 serving protein powder in 1 serving water, milk or juice
  • Handful of nuts – careful, high in fat and calories.  Never ever eat out of the bag. Always portion your food.

Raw Nuts

  • Oranges, apples, bananas… I call these nature’s snack food because they are pre wrapped

  • mini carrots
  • baked pita bread or regular pita bread with a single serving of hummus
  • Protein Bars or better yet, my new Kiana Bars 100% All Natural Whole Food Bars


  • Power Parfait made with layered Greek Yogurt, drizzled with honey and your favorite berries. I like to keep these premade in little single serving mason jars in the frig. Mmm.

Power Parfaits

  • low sugar graham crackers
  • pretzels
  • string cheese
  • cheese sticks
  • package of sweet and juicy grape tomatoes


  • baked chips, spinach dip, olives, multi grain crackers

appetizers at sunset

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