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Fresh vs Frozen

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables vs. Frozen?

Which should I eat?  Which is better for me?


Aloha!  Great question!  I eat both both fresh fruit and vegetables and frozen fruit and vegetables. I always always always keep frozen fruit and vegetables in my freezer. I will buy fresh organic when I know I’m going to use it the same day.  I always have a stocked freezer full of all types of frozen fruit which are convenient for Infusion Bottles, protein shakes and smoothies.



It’s also perfect to add to plain water in my Infusion Bottles to easily infuse drinking water with vitamins, minerals and natural flavor.  Great for the whole #fitfam.  I also have petite peas, sweet corn, kale, edamame soy beans, carrots, green beans, etc. on hand in the freezer drawer.


Deciding on using Fresh or Frozen produce is dependent upon your lifestyle.  Are you always on the go? Busy busy? Or do you love to take the time to prep and cook relaxing meals? I am both types.

Kiana's eGym

I’m up at 6 am at the latest. Lead my Fit Moms through a workout which I stream online around the world. Take the kids to school. Work on my fitness business. Pick up the kids, make dinner, homework, sports…..Busy Busy


What is your lifestyle?

Super Busy:

If the answer is yes, opt for FROZEN. This will enable you to quickly make healthy meals faster then a drive thru (eek!) or ordering takeout.  And much much healthier. Frozen fruits and vegetables are extremely convenient because you don’t have to wash, peel, cut or slice them.  Something that is more convenient means you’re more likely to use it and eat it. Combine that with the fact that most people do not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.  Frozen fruits and vegetables are perfect for busy people because they’re convenient and you can have them on hand ready to go.

If I know I’ll have a busy week, I lean toward frozen fruit and vegetables. I always keep my freezer stocked with all types of frozen fruit, which are great for smoothies and protein shakes. I always keep frozen petite peas, green beans, soy beans, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale in the freezer. It’s so convenient to have on hand.


Some days I focus on relaxing. These days I love to take my time shopping, prep, cook, relax.


Not so busy.  I love to prep, wash, slice & dice:

kiana tom cooking

If you’re the type of person that loves to hand select each bunch of spinach, each individual apple and orange then go FRESH. (When I have the time, that is me. By the way, the best apples are slightly pointy on the bottom, always have a stem and no marks at all. The best oranges always have a navel the size of a dime, no marks at all.) kids love fruit

My youngest daughter, Baby Kiana, then 3 or 4, coveting the perfect orange. She is a fruit lover for sure. Prefers fruit over any dessert. Score one for the Fit Mom Kiana!


Washing, peeling and slicing the fruit and vegetables is very relaxing for me.  I usually do it on Sundays and put it into containers in the refrigerator for easy grab and use during the week.  For me, I buy fresh produce from the organic section when I’m going to use it that same day for lunch or evening for dinner.  I don’t like it when I buy fresh produce from the farmers market, get too busy to cook it, only to have to throw it away because it’s spoiled. I don’t like to waste food. If I’m going to use it the same day I buy fresh.

Nutritional Benefits: Fresh vs. Frozen produce

Fresh fruit & vegetable versus frozen

Frozen fruit and vegetables tend to be higher and more nutritionally dense. This is because they are picked at their ripest point and they are processed immediately.  They are literally frozen at their most nutritious state.

Fresh produce

Compare this to fresh produce found in your grocery store. Fresh produce is picked BEFORE it’s had a chance to get fully ripe and before it has fully developed all the wonderful nutrition vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, exposure to light and temperature change lessens fresh fruit & veggies of its nutritional value.  Think about how many miles and how long it took for your fresh produce to get from the farm to the grocery store, then sitting in your refrigerator, then onto the plate. Time, temperature and light robs fresh fruit and vegetables of the nutritional value.

Thank you for that wonderful question. If anybody else has questions please post them on my Instagram #AlohaKiana.  You may also post questions on my Twitter & Facebook accounts too.





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