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Recipe: Best Green Drink Ever

Fast. Fit. Delicious. Some green drinks aren’t so delicious, because they just taste too, um green. But this one is so yummy. The key is the frozen pineapple & frozen banana. Oh, and in the protein rich chia seeds and the pure hydrating coconut water 🙂 We’re loving this mid morning pick me up loaded with green leafy spinach, protein and flavor.


•Chilled coconut water

•Splash of orange juice

•Spinach (we like pre-washed organic baby spinach)

•Frozen Pineapple (frozen fruit means you don’t need ice and avoid ice chunks)

•Frozen banana

•Vanilla or plain Protein Powder

•Sprinkle of Chia Seeds (high in protein and makes it creamy)

•Optional: handful of ice if you want it colder

Directions: Just add all ingredients into blender. Blend a minute. Yum.

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