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7 Simple Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Mom Day

Too busy to workout?

Aren’t we all? Busy moms do everything.

Fit Mom TV - the busy mom's fix

Here are 7 simple ways to fit exercise into your busy mom day.

  1. Be active during the first 15 minutes of your day: Get up, go for a walk, grab some weights & do a home fitness class, walk the dog, stretches, or try this doable Fit Mom Home Workout Routine that can be done with our without weights (using hand weights is better to challenge your muscles and help your body build all important lean muscle).
    1. Jog or march in place 50 steps
    2. 15 Squat Presses or Lunges
    3. Booty Exercises to lift, tone and tighten your cutey booty
    4. Push Ups to failure (on bent knees or Super Mom Straight Leg Push ups)
    5. 10 Bent over back rows (10 each arm)
    6. 15 Shoulder Presses
    7. 10 Arm Curls or Super set Biceps and Triceps
    8. 15 Chair Dips
    9. 10 Bicycles or do this Awesome Total Ab Workout
    10. Got a Fitness Ball? Try Core Twists
    11. Stretch after the workout when your muscles are warm 🙂
  2. 15 minutes here and there. The benefits of exercise are cumulative. Take 15 minutes and do Squats, Push Ups, Lunges.  At lunch time, go for a walk.  While dinner is cooking do an Ab Workout. You get the picture 🙂
  3. Take a group fitness class at the gym or at home. Meeting friends there or having them over to workout is also a great way to be held accountable.
  4. Be a Fit Family! Involve your family: Make a fitness date with your hubby.  Go for a hike, bike ride, walk together. It’s wonderful to get away from tech and notice nature while you are getting your exercise in for the day.
  5. Multi Tasking Fit Mom: Toss in a load of laundry or dishwasher and workout.  Put dinner in the oven and get outside for a walk.
  6. Hire a personal trainer.  A good personal trainer creates a customized workout plan just for you, helps you master proper form all while motivating you to work smarter and harder to reach your fitness goals. The price for a personal trainer ranges from $50-$500 per hour depending upon where you live, their qualifications and what services you need.  There are many for hire at your local gym and online.  Make sure the Trainers are certified and that they look the part.
  7. Workout at the same time everyday.  Make fitness a regular part of your day like brushing your teeth.  This is the best way to teach your body and mind to workout. Just like we eat meals at set times during the day, we sleep at night, we have coffee in the morning, school and work starts at the same time each, day…be health and workout the same time each day.

Have a healthy happy day, Fit Moms!


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