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Exercise for Strong and Sexy Shoulders

Shoulder Shockers

for strong and sexy shoulders

How to do them:

Starting position:

Stand with your feet hip width, knees bent to protect the lower back, shoulders back and down, abs tight, body flexed.

The Move:

With you elbows slightly bent, exhale as you raise a weight plate or Dumbbells in front of your face. Hold a beat. Inhale as you Slowly lower. 15 reps. 3 sets.

Fit Mom TV Shoulder Shockers

Photo: So proud of Louise on the left who went down 2 dress sizes for her daughter’s wedding! She also achieved a Personal BEST today by doing this exercise with 25 lb plate with perfect form! We are all so happy for her! Erin, in the middle is a former police woman, lifeguard and is a highly competitive triathlete. Tina in the front has completely reinvented her lifestyle and is now motivating all of her friends to workout too! Love these #strongwomen

All of the Fit Moms are REAL MOMS getting REAL FIT! Gotta make time to be healthy and fit!


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