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Naturally flavored water

Improve your health & appearance. Great for the whole family.

Eliminate mismatched sports bottles

No more frustration trying to find the caps to match the dozens of mismatched water bottles in the drawer.  My kids have dozens of water bottles!  Seems like we can never find the right cap when we need it. I decided to donate all of them and replace them with my Infusion Bottles and Sports Bottles.

Finally! No more trying to find matching caps.

I had the Aloha Green Infusion bottle made so that the kids could use them at school!

Kids love the Infusion Bottles! Makes it fun to drink more water!

Aloha Infusion Bottle -
The moms love the Strong is SEXY purple bottles too!

Strong is Sexy Infusion Bottle - Naturally flavored water! Get anti oxidants, nutrients and vitamins to your water

Now parents, teachers and kids at the school use them and love adding their favorite fruit!

Strong is SEXY Infusion Bottles! Easily improve your health and apperance with naturally flavored water!

New! Kiana Flex Bottles, black aluminum bottles too with the carabiner clip to attach to backpacks and bikes.  Great for the gym bag and cars too!

Kiana's Flex Appeal Water Bottle

Tip: I keep 3 cartridges loaded with our favorite fruit in the freezer for easy grab and go! Simply pop it into the bottle and you have a cool, nutritious, naturally flavored water filled with anti oxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

 Infusion Cartridges - Easily add natural healthy flavor to your water!


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