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Review of: Fire it Up
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On January 28, 2020
Last modified:January 28, 2020


Wonderful place to create, paint and spend time together. A charming little studio that used to be a home. Lots of paint to choose from, make your mess there, not at your house. The pots, plates, dishware gets fired in the kiln after you paint it. Pick it up in a week and it's done! Wonderful family and friends fun! Oh, and you can bring food, wine and appetizers!

Want something fun to do with your kids or the whole family? Go to your local crafts / painting / ceramics business and create memories together along with some treasures. We went to a local craft place that is a charming home turned craft store. You can select from pre-made ceramics to paint or use the pottery wheel and throw your own. We enjoy doing both depending on the amount of time we spend there. We learned to throw clay on the pottery wheel, then painted it, fired it in the kiln and truly love using it every day. I love using the pottery that is fired in the kiln, it’s dishwasher safe, doesn’t get hot in the microwave and it is much more special than generic store-bought dishware. Each has positive energy and special memories attached to it.

The other weekend the girls and I learned how to use the pottery wheel. It was so much messy fun.

Anelalani has loved arts and crafts since she was a little girl. She easily gets A’s in high school art.

Kiana Jr. loves art. Her entire bedroom is like an arts and crafts store.

In addition to the pottery wheel, you can paint premade pottery. We have also enjoyed painting as a family. Every time we go as a family, my husband and I share and each do 1/2 of 1 piece. This time we did a large coffee mug together and last time, a heart-shaped bowl that we use for dips and nuts.


It’s messy so it’s much better to create at the shop than at your house!

Below are links to items to DIY. We had so much fun that I’m considering making our attic a craft area complete with our own pottery wheel and painting area.

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