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Coffee linked to longer lifespan

New Study on Coffee & Longevity

Coffee linked to longer lifespan

Harvard Medical School

Do you drink coffee? Maybe you should.  In a recent study by Harvard Medical School, studies show that moderate coffee consumption (3-4 cups per day) has been linked with longer lifespan. Wow! Coffee drinkers may also have a reduced risk of:

  • cardiovascular disease (including heart attack, heart failure, and stroke)
  • type 2 diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • uterine and liver cancer
  • cirrhosis
  • gout

Coffee Ideas:

Try sipping your morning java with a tsp of coconut oil for healthy antioxidants and a creamy, nutty, natural flavor, too!

Enjoy your coffee with a slice of no-sugar added Fit Mom Banana Bread! Plus it’s a delicious way to use of ripe bananas instead of tossing them!

Afternoon coffee drinker?

How about 5 guilt free dark chocolate recipes to go with your coffee? One of our favorites is Protein Rich, Tofu Dark Chocolate Pudding made with potassium rich bananas…

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