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Simple Beauty Tip You Can Do Right Now

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail5 Simple Ways to Drink More Water Water flushes toxins from your body & moisturizes your skin & hair from the

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A different type of before & after photo

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailNaturally flavored water Improve your health & appearance. Great for the whole family. Eliminate mismatched sports bottles No more frustration trying

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10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailCold? Flu? Ebola? Yikes! What can we do to keep ourselves and our family healthy? Here are the top 10 things

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Mmm. Mangos

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Guide: 3 Day Detox

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail3 Day Detox Menu Plan – Clean Eating to Start Fresh! Detox. Clean your system. Start fresh. “I don’t like fads,

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Video Tip: Hydrate

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Video Tip: 2 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Stay Lean After Kids

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailHi Fit Moms!  After having 2 kids, I have found that small but consistent efforts makes a big difference in staying

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To Your Health!

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailDrink a protein shake before bed to help your body burn fat and encourage muscle growth while you sleep.    

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Video Tip: Fit Mom Shots

I add this secret ingredient to my protein shakes every morning. It only takes 5 seconds…

Flex Appeal Training Guides

Share & lose 5lbs. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailGet fit at home, the gym, the office, in the hotel — anywhere! Exercises can be done anywhere using only free

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Video Tip: 1 minute Healthy Breakfast

I have this several times per week. It keeps my energy levels even and is a great basic breakfast to top with greek yogurt, almonds, berries.