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Piriformis Stretch

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Got back pain? Try the Piriformis stretch Feels so good. The Piriformis muscle is located in the gluteus Maximus (butt muscles), spasms which lead to buttock pain. The Piriformis muscle can also irritate the nearby sciatic nerve and cause pain, numbness and tingling along the back of the leg and foot. Hold for 3 minutes. Deep relaxing breaths. Repeat other leg   Photo credit: Kiana Fitness

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Simple Stretch for Sciatic Pain

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Stretch I do every night This stretch is wonderful anytime or for relief for sciatic pain from Piriformis syndrome. Stretch after every workout when your muscles are warm and every night before  bed. I receive many emails asking me for tips on stretching.  Stretching is just as important as lifting weights and eating healthfully.  I stretch every night before bed (with candles and relaxing music 🙂 

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New! Kiana Fitness & Yoga Mats

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛  Kiana Fitness Mats Upgrade your home gym or studio Fitness Training • Yoga • Weights • Body Weight Training • HIIT • Stretching Protect your knees and joints while you train. Workout on a professional surface and get a better, safer workout.  Go harder, get better results. Kiana   Kiana Fitness is proud to bring you the newest, most innovative, modern and durable home gym

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