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Muscle Star Fish!

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛 Look! The tiny star fish is doing a double bicep! Big waves washed up kelp and sealife! Share & lose 5lbs. 😛

My pre-workout cup of Coconut Coffee.

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Coffee helps prevent post workout muscle cramps. A teaspoon of coconut oil makes it creamy and nutty. Share & lose 5lbs. 😛

To Your Health!

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Drink a protein shake before bed to help your body burn fat and encourage muscle growth while you sleep.         Share & lose 5lbs. 😛

Sunset Ritual. Unwind Time.

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛 In my family, I started this ritual of always watching the sunset together.  Before marriage and before having kids, I always watched the sunset. It’s my very favorite time of the day. The light is golden, the air is warm and there is something calming about it.  It is peaceful.   My kids always get excited to have hors d’oeuvres and we sit and talk about our

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Let’s Workout!

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛As you may know, I workout alot 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE to train.  100% of the time, I feel 100% better afterward! I have led thousands of televised workouts for Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN, airing in 80 million homes worldwide. I am proud to say that my show achieved the “highest ratings in the history of the network after 1 week of airing!” Watch episodes

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Selfie: Kona and Me :)

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛This is my BFF, Kona.  I rescued him as a puppy from the shelter. Some mean person dumped him and his brothers and sisters in the dumpster 🙁  People can be so cruel. He is the most loveable, funny dog.  He’s a mix of lab / shepard / chow.  Lately he has been scratching so much, I feel sorry for him. I bought some dog shampoo

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SS Detox Infusion Orange Water for my Workout

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Today I added fresh, juicy oranges to my Strong is Sexy Detox Bottle. I love it!  This amazing bottle will hold the fruit and vegetables to infuse your water with delicious flavor and nutrients to detox your body with every sip. This flavor-enhancing water bottle holds your fruits and vegetables beautifully in a convenient infusing compartment perfect for making detox waters on-the-go. The translucent colored cap

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Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Check out this new image. Share & lose 5lbs. 😛

Busy Mom’s Secret: Jump Rope with Benefits. Kick Asphalt.

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛 Sculpt sexy shoulders, and get lean. Strengthen your heart ️ Get one here Share & lose 5lbs. 😛


Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Check out this new image. Share & lose 5lbs. 😛

Painting and Wine Night so fun! Kids have chocolate milk

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