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Share 🙂FORM MATTERS Any type of lunge: walking lunge, static lunge, reverse lunge, front lunge, reverse lunge kicks… The most important thing to remember when performing any type of lunge is to keep your knee directly over your ankle to protect your precious knee joint. Your upper and lower leg should form a 90 degree angle. Happy lunging!       Save Share 🙂

Get Strong Shoulders

Share 🙂Fit Mom Erin powering through Plate Raises for the shoulders with a 25 lb weight plate! Wow!–How to: Wide athletic stance. Knees slightly bent. Core tight. Shoulders back and down.–The move: raise a weight plate in front of your shoulders hold a beat and return to starting position.–Tips: keep elbows slightly bent. No rocking. Exhale as you lift–Erin is a mom of 2. She’s a highly competitive triathlete who

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Healthy Creative Snacks for Kids

Share 🙂 Fit Kids Food Art Edible healthy snacks for kids Turn this: Into this: I love everything about health and fitness. My passion in life is to motivate and inspire everyone of all ages, all fitness levels to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle.  On Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show of all time, I motivate millions in 100 countries on ESPN.  Now I want to help motivate

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Recipe: Hi Protein Lemon Garlic Chicken Breasts Slow Cooker

Share 🙂What’s for Dinner tonight? How about Lemon Garlic Chicken Breasts? Put this in by noon and come home with dinner ready! The whole house smells so good, like you’ve been cooking for hours! Fit Food Prep! it’s super easy to make in the slow cooker and easy to clean up. Put it in in the morning and when you come home from your busy day-dinners ready! Enjoy! This recipe

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Recently at Fit Mom TV

Share 🙂Sttetch after you workout when your muscles are warm and flexible. #fitmom #fitness #fitmoms #fitfam #stretch #hawaii #mom #workout #flexibile Share 🙂

Recently at Fit Mom TV

Share 🙂Haha! #funny #haha #wine #moms #laugh #humor #fitmomtv #fitmoms #fitmom #fitness #kianatom #kiana #tanktop #shop Share 🙂

Recently at Fit Mom TV

Share 🙂Mmm. Kiana Jr making a Fit & Fast healthy breakfast for busy mornings: sprinkle nuts and seeds on toast spread with natural peanut butter have a healthy day! Share 🙂

Field Day at the Dodgers

Share 🙂 ️ Fun! Down on the field at the Dodgers Game! Getting ready for Anela to take the field and get her baseball signed by the players. Save Save Share 🙂

Fun at Sky High Trampoline Park~

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Mmmmm. Make your own Naturally flavored waters! & Detox Water Recipes!

Share 🙂 Fit Mom Must Have! Healthy hydration for the whole family! Make your own naturally flavored water with added nutrients! Now available in 2 logos: purple & green!  EITHER BOTTLE INCLUDES SIGNED 8X10 & KIANA’S POWER WATERS E-GUIDE DETOX BOTTLES I sip water all day long to detoxify and hydrate my body.  I don’t drink sodas and straight juice is just too much sugar.  But I do LOVE cool

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