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1 Move for Tighter, Firmer, Sexier Arms

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailWant tight, firm arms? Take a Dip! Tricep Dips! I love doing tricep dips. Dips are one of the very BEST exercises for firming the back of the upper arms which can get flabby if untrained. You can do them anywhere: At the gym, hotel, at home. If you’re at home you can do dips on the end of the couch, on a coffee table, on

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12 Week Workout Plan Guide

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Workout Plan: Arms & Core

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail This professionally laid out circuit training workout clearly outlines a complete workout you can do anywhere using free weights and your own body weight.┬á Download to your PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone or print into a booklet.┬á Follow along with weights. 15 minute fat blaster workout plan.┬á Can be done 2-3 times depending upon fitness level. Includes: Strong & Sexy Arms & Core Workout Plan

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Healthy Creative Snacks for Kids

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail Fit Kids Food Art Edible healthy snacks for kids Turn this: Into this: I love everything about health and fitness. My passion in life is to motivate and inspire everyone of all ages, all fitness levels to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle.┬á On Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show of all time, I motivate millions in 100 countries on ESPN.┬á Now I want

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FREE! Power Water E-Guide

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailWhy are certain fruit and vegetables good for you? Exactly how do they help our body? Here is a Power Waters EGuide to help you Power Up your water and improve your health with every sip! Get your Best Selling Detox Infusion Bottles! I sip water all day long to detoxify and hydrate my body.┬á I don’t drink sodas and straight juice is just too much

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FREE Download! Workout of the Week!~

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail FREE 1 FREE WEEK OF WORKOUTS! Get a Fit Mom Body in 12 Weeks or Less! 12 Week Complete Training Guides! Get Started & get your pre kid booty back or better!     Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Curls for the girls!

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailMake sure your elbow stays directly under the shoulder and acts as a pivot. Sculpt strong sexy arms fast.┬á This is a page from my new 12 Week Flex Appeal Training Guides!┬á You get 12 weeks of workouts in an easy to follow format. You do a new workout each week for 12 weeks. I show you exactly how to do each exercise ´ŞĆ upon purchase

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Exercise: Aloha Abs

Share & lose 5lbs. ­čśŤFacebookTwitterPinterestemailFatten your tummy with the right exercises and clean eating.┬á I train my abs 4 days per week and like to do different exercises every time to keep it fun.┬á Here is an exercise I’m loving right now, it’s called Aloha Abs.┬á Try to do 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each side. Enjoy! Get a Fit Mom Body in 12 Weeks or Less! CLICK HERE

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Fit Cooking Healthy Recipes eBook

I have compiled my personal library of Fit Go To Recipes that I make often, my recipes are higher in lean protein, complex carbs, good fats: No added sugar, butter or salt in most. I also have some of my exclusive Healthy Hawaiian Family Recipes in there too! Aloha!