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Kiana’s Flex Appeal: Fit Firm Arms & Coed Training in Hawaii

Share 🙂Tighten and Tone Your Arms Sculpt Sexy Shoulders, Biceps Here is a terrific workout to do at home or in the gym for tighter, firmer arms.  Using free weights, dumbbells and barbells, get a complete arm workout in anywhere.  When you train your arms, make sure your shoulders are pulled back and pressed down.  Core tight, knees slightly bent to protect the lower back.  Exhale on the hardest part

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Working out with Mommy on TV

Share 🙂 So cute! Never thought this would happen. My youngest daughter doing “overhead tricep extensions with Mommy” on Kiana’s Flex Appeal. Good form too! And I love the Pajama workout! Share 🙂

Pic: Kiana’s Mini-Me Flex Appeal!

Share 🙂 My 7 year old doing Tricep Extensions “like Mommy!” Share 🙂

Kiana’s Flex Appeal Get Your Sexy Back Workout

Clark Bartram and I do a total back workout in Pro Gym.

Kianas Flex Appeal – Abs in Maui

Watch and workout as I lead you through a Coed Workout for the Abs in beautiful Hawaii.