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Fit Mom Valentines Gifts!

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Workout like a Mother. 🏼🏋🏽‍Just in! Motivational Tank Tops and Shirts

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12 Week Workout Plan Guide

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Kiana’s Flex Appeal: Fit Firm Arms & Coed Training in Hawaii

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestemailTighten and Tone Your Arms Sculpt Sexy Shoulders, Biceps Here is a terrific workout to do at home or in the gym for tighter, firmer arms.  Using free weights, dumbbells and barbells, get a complete arm workout in anywhere.  When you train your arms, make sure your shoulders are pulled back and pressed down.  Core tight, knees slightly bent to protect the lower back.  Exhale on

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6 Awesome Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestemailWhen should you exercise? In the morning! 6 AWESOME REASONS TO EXERCISE IN THE MORNING 1. Get fitter faster. Consistency is key to a fit body. Working out first thing in the morning ensures that your get your all important workout in.  You prevent something from coming up during the day to stop you from training.  Always workout 1st thing, before the day gets away from

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Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestemail5 Pieces of Fitness Gear Every Fit Mom Must Have “Set up a designated home gym and leave it set up.  This makes it easy to do a quickie 😛 workout during the day. The benefits of exercise are cumulative. Do a little throughout your busy day. It all adds up to a fitter, healthier body.” Kiana Workout at Home: Convenient. Private. Save Time. Make a

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A different type of before & after photo

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestemailNaturally flavored water Improve your health & appearance. Great for the whole family. Eliminate mismatched sports bottles No more frustration trying to find the caps to match the dozens of mismatched water bottles in the drawer.  My kids have dozens of water bottles!  Seems like we can never find the right cap when we need it. I decided to donate all of them and replace them

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Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestemail Coconut Power! Infused Water I’m Loving Right Now! I sip water all day long to detoxify and hydrate my body.  I don’t drink sodas and straight juice is just too much sugar.  But I do LOVE cool naturally flavored waters. Recipe: Add frozen watermelon slices and lime wedges in Detox Water bottle removable cartridge. Freeze.  Add to Detox Bottle with Coconut Water or plain water.

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