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Video: 3 Ab Exercises to Flatten Your Tummy

Share 🙂In this video I’ll show you 3 wonderful exercises to strengthen the upper abs, obliques and those hard to tackle lower abdominal muscles. Using a stability ball, I will lead you through a fun quick series of abs / core exercises that will help you flatten your tummy. Enjoy! Share 🙂

Printable: Abs

Share 🙂The keys to a flat midsection & sculpted abs are proper diet, doing exercises that engage your core along with specific abs exercises and changing up the exercises frequently.  Here are 3 exercises I love to do for amazing abs. Do each exercise 15 reps., 2-3 rounds. Tip: Keep your abs tight and fired up for every rep. and exhale upon exertion (on the hardest part of the exercise.)

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Fit After Kids? You Betcha.

Share 🙂Yeah! They are finally finished! Check out my new Fit Body Training Guides. I will show you how to get a Flex Appeal Body in 12 Weeks or less! Complete step by step guide Exercise photographs and instructions so you know what to do Workouts can be done at home, in the gym, at the park or beach Free weights and body weight moves Upon purchase you can download

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Let’s Workout!

Share 🙂As you may know, I workout alot 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE to train.  100% of the time, I feel 100% better afterward! I have led thousands of televised workouts for Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN, airing in 80 million homes worldwide. I am proud to say that my show achieved the “highest ratings in the history of the network after 1 week of airing!” Watch episodes here (more are

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Busy Mom’s Secret: Jump Rope with Benefits. Kick Asphalt.

Share 🙂 Sculpt sexy shoulders, and get lean. Strengthen your heart ️ Get one here Share 🙂

Exercise: Plate Crunches

Share 🙂PLATE LUNCH CRUNCH – Ab Exercise I’m loving right now. Starting position: Hold a weight plate or dumbbell in your hands, legs / body at 90 degrees, shoulders slightly off floor, abs contracted, pelvis tilted under so your lower back is firmly against the floor. The Move: Exhale as you press plate upward toward the sky, flexing the abs, holding for a beat at the top, lowering slowly back

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Fit Mom TV – Online Training

Share 🙂 Log on. Get fit. Expert. Efficient. Empowering. The premier digital portal for #1 Rated, LIVE & On-Demand HD workouts! As Seen on TV! Real Moms.  Real Fit. Get Amazing Results in Less Time. Train around your busy mom schedule! Train in real time to “live” broadcasts, or at your own pace browsing 100’s of videos! These real moms train 2-3 days per week with the Online Training Program.

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Exercise: Aloha Abs

Share 🙂Fatten your tummy with the right exercises and clean eating.  I train my abs 4 days per week and like to do different exercises every time to keep it fun.  Here is an exercise I’m loving right now, it’s called Aloha Abs.  Try to do 3 sets of 15 repetitions on each side. Enjoy! Get a Fit Mom Body in 12 Weeks or Less! CLICK HERE Share 🙂

Flex Appeal Training Guides

Share 🙂Get fit at home, the gym, the office, in the hotel — anywhere! Exercises can be done anywhere using only free weights in your own bodyweight. It’s 190 pages loaded with step-by-step instructions to transform your body, my personal workouts, photographs, innovative exercises to get a strong, tight, FiT Body in 12 weeks or less! You will lose fat, get firmer legs, tighten your butt, flatten your midsection, sculpt

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Fit Mom Mobiles Sculpt Sexy Shoulders

Share 🙂 This is Fit Mom Terrie doing an exercise called Fit Mom mobile to sculpt the shoulders and arms.  She is a Fit Mom Online Gym Member and trains 3 days per week with my online workouts.  She has lost weight and has tightened and toned all over.  “My husband loves that I am working out again too, since that is something we’ve always had in common.” Terrie. How

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