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Workout with Fit Mom TV LIVE!

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Fit Mom TV LIVE! is Kiana Tom’s newest Flex on Fitness! Get tight, toned and fit! Get instant access to 100s of REAL TIME workout videos & classes: Total Body Strength Training Fast Fat Loss Killer Core Coed Training Flex HIIT Dirty 30’s Maui Muscle Sexy Sculpt Fit Mom TV Browse 100s of online classes! Moves for all levels! 15-60 minutes! Body weight or free weights!

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Get Strong Shoulders

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛Fit Mom Erin powering through Plate Raises for the shoulders with a 25 lb weight plate! Wow!–How to: Wide athletic stance. Knees slightly bent. Core tight. Shoulders back and down.–The move: raise a weight plate in front of your shoulders hold a beat and return to starting position.–Tips: keep elbows slightly bent. No rocking. Exhale as you lift–Erin is a mom of 2. She’s a highly

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