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7 Ways to Get Back to Fitness

Share 🙂 7 Ways to Get Back to Fitness Kids are going back to school Happy Sad. What does that mean? If you’re a Mom, you know exactly what that means. 🙂  I LOVE spending the summer with my kids home from school. But it is challenging to get my work done and make sure they have fun, constructive, healthy things to do all day, everyday 🙂 Such a wonderful,

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Fun at Sky High Trampoline Park~

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Fit Kids: Sports Specific Workout: U8 Soccer & Healthy Soccer Snacks

Share 🙂Does your child play soccer? Soccer Exercises & Healthy Soccer Snack Hi fit moms! I know many of our children enjoy playing soccer! My youngest daughter, a.k.a. Mini Me, loves to play soccer!  I am so happy she loves fitness! She does chin ups all day and all night long, in her princess dress, school uniform and even in her footie PJs! U8 Sports Specific Soccer Workout We are

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eGym: Full Body Fit Mom TV HIIT with my Hubby

Share 🙂 This is a workout for Fit Mom TV eGym Members. In this workout we do a full body blast and intense abdominal circuit. Gear: weights, fitness mat and a jump rope. To join, click here. Flex HIIT 15 Full Body Blast Gear: Weights, Kiana Fitness Mat, jump rope, Kiana Fitness Plate (optional) Coed Training Focus: Floor work for Abs Share 🙂

My Fit Kid. Why not a soccer ball or ice skates?

Share 🙂 Why not a tennis racket, soccer ball or ice skates?  Of course my daughter has to pick something that takes up considerably more room and upkeep! -️  I am excited for her, she is getting ready for her first equestrian dressage competition! Share 🙂

A different type of before & after photo

Share 🙂Naturally flavored water Improve your health & appearance. Great for the whole family. Eliminate mismatched sports bottles No more frustration trying to find the caps to match the dozens of mismatched water bottles in the drawer.  My kids have dozens of water bottles!  Seems like we can never find the right cap when we need it. I decided to donate all of them and replace them with my Infusion

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Fit Mom TV Fit Elf on the Shelf

Share 🙂Fit Elf on the Shelf Growing Up I didn’t have the Elf on the Shelf. I asked my mom and she said she had never heard of it. I love this and so does my youngest daughter. We both jump out of bed in the morning to see what our Elf has been doing while we were asleep. Our Elf is a Fit Elf. She seems to like to

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Working out with Mommy on TV

Share 🙂 So cute! Never thought this would happen. My youngest daughter doing “overhead tricep extensions with Mommy” on Kiana’s Flex Appeal. Good form too! And I love the Pajama workout! Share 🙂

Hawaiian Cowgirl

Share 🙂Instagram Proud Fit Mom Moment. I LOVE ️ this photo I took of my daughter at the Ranch. I can truly feel her happiness just by looking at the picture. ️ I just love the big smile and how happy she looks.  I always tell my kids, Find something you love to do and you’ll be good at it.   Share 🙂

10 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Share 🙂Cold? Flu? Ebola? Yikes! What can we do to keep ourselves and our family healthy? Here are the top 10 things I do:   Wash hands frequently or use All-natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes If someone sneezes or coughs in front of me, I immediately walk away so as not to breathe their germs If I feel symptoms of a cold or flu coming on, I take Oscillococcinum, which is

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7 Healthy Soccer & Sports Team Snack Ideas

Share 🙂Juicy Fit Mom Fruit Kabobs Healthy Snacks for my daughter’s Soccer Team! ️️️ My 7 year old daughter has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old.  She and I discuss what healthy snacks her team mates would enjoy at half time and after the game.  Then we go to the market and make the snacks together.  She is so excited to hand out the snacks that she

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