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6 Great Exercises for Strong Hip Flexors & Featured Fit Mom

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email6 Exercises for Strong Hip Flexors Why? Keep your hip area strong, prevent hip injuries Terrific strengthening exercises for runners, bikers, non athletes and people who sit for extended periods of time FEATURED IN THIS POST: FIT MOM ERIN In this post, Fit Mom TV is proud to Feature Fit Mom Erin.  A prime example of a Super Fit Mom living the healthy lifestyle. Note from

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Beach Active

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+emailHi Fit Moms! Here’s a workout that you can do anywhere using 1 weight! Be active! Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email


Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email Get Strong. Fit. Lean. With Fit Mom TV LIVE! Get instant Access to 100s of workout videos for all fitness levels. Beginner to advanced. 15-60 minutes in length. All types of classes to choose from: Strength training circuits to build lean muscle, Tone & Tighten using light weights / high reps, Flex HIIT 15 fast paced total body workout in 15 min., Muscle Mix –

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Flatten your abs, strengthen your inner thighs with these 3 moves!

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email I love compound moves to strengthen multiple muscle groups at once. It’s an efficient way to train! Have a fit day! See 100s more and 15-60 minute workout videos at 100s of workouts and live fitness classes now available online! Beginners to athletes! Follow along with weights!  25% off annual memberships this week! Start now! Save Save Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email

Lunge (lunch) with friends

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email It’s easier and more motivating to get in shape with friends who support you and have similar goals! Join us at Fit Mom TV LIVE! We are all working out together online all over the world! Sign up here! Save Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email

10 Exercises for your Abs

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12 Week Workout Plan Guide

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Workout Plan: Arms & Core

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email This professionally laid out circuit training workout clearly outlines a complete workout you can do anywhere using free weights and your own body weight.  Download to your PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone or print into a booklet.  Follow along with weights. 15 minute fat blaster workout plan.  Can be done 2-3 times depending upon fitness level. Includes: Strong & Sexy Arms & Core Workout Plan

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Workout Plan: Tight Body

Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+emailProfessionally laid out circuit training workout clearly outlines a complete workout focusing on tightening and toning the muscles in the shoulders, arms, legs, thighs, butt and core. Can be done 3-4 times depending upon fitness level.  Follow along with weights.Includes: Demonstrations: easy to follow exercise instructions with photographs so you know how to do the exercises. Immediate download upon completion of purchase. Save Share & lose

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Exercise: Skier Squats

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Share & lose 5lbs. 😛FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+email Consistency is key to a healthy fit body. Fit Mom TV LIVE makes it easy to workout anywhere. Anytime. Fit Mom TV eGym is a brand new, innovative online streaming service that allows you to get our exclusive, award winning workouts anywhere in the world you LIVE, on any device. Sign up & get instant access to 100s of Fit Mom TV LIVE! REAL TIME

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