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1 Move for Tighter, Firmer, Sexier Arms

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailWant tight, firm arms? Take a Dip! Tricep Dips! I love doing tricep dips. Dips are one of the very BEST exercises for firming the back of the upper arms which can get flabby if untrained. You can do them anywhere: At the gym, hotel, at home. If you’re at home you can do dips on the end of the couch, on a coffee table, on

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Fit Mom Tip: Dry Brushing

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail Dry Brushing helps to reduce appearance of cellulite, unclogs pores, improves circulation, improves lymphatic drainage & excretes toxins that become trapped in the skin. The firm bristles of the brush thoroughly exfoliates your skin and helps moisturizers work more effectively.-How to dry brush: Choose a medium firm cactus brush sold in most health food stores or online. Before showering, Gently but firmly brush your legs,

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DIY: Lavender Spindle

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail Fresh natural lavender helps you relax, sleep better & keeps your home smelling fresh naturally. * See our IG story for DIY How to. Made the way our great grandmothers used to do it. #lavender #crafts #fitfam #purple #flowers @kiana_tom_flexappeal_fitmomtv #airfreshener #diy #fitmom #mom #momlife #pretty #gift Save Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail

Beauty Tip

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailFit Mom Tip: šŸ’ŖšŸ¼šŸŒø Improve your skin from the inside. Why spend $$$ on expensive topical skin creams before nourishing your skin from the inside? This is so simple: Boost collagen production with red & orange colored fruit and vegetables šŸ  šŸ… RED JUICY WATERMELON BALLS RED TOMATO FETA SALAD WATERMELON AND STRAWBERRY KABOBS MINI RED AND ORANGE PEPPERS DIPPED IN HUMMUS PAPAYA WITH A SQUEEZE

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Make your own fruit flavored water

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailEasy way to drink more water.Ā  Healthier than juice or soda. Perfect for the whole family! Why drink fruit / veg Infused Water? ā€¢ It makes water taste delicious, easy to use ā€¢ rids body of toxins, hydrates skin and hair ā€¢ adds natural fruit flavor and color of the fruit ā€¢ adds extra vitamins & nutrients to plain drinking water! ā€¢ ideal for anyone: men

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Kiana’s Flex Appeal Hawaii Workout for Women

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Benefits of Watermelon

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailFit Food Tip Benefits of Watermelon Mmm. Juicy refreshing Watermelon eases muscle soreness after a workout, lifting weights, cardio…   improves collagen production   circulation My 89 year old Mom, Mom Tom as the Cast of Kiana’s Flex Appeal named her has beautiful skin!Ā  She always taught me “everything in moderation.” That’s a constant struggle for me! heart health Scoop watermelon balls from a cold cold

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Get Gorgeous Green Protein Drink with Kale and Pineapple

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailSip your way beautiful! Cool, refreshing and healthy EZ way to get your greens Super simple and so delicious! I’ve made 10,000+ protein drinks in my career and THIS ONE is my favorite right now! TIP: ALWAYS keep a bag of peeled and halved bananas in the freezer. Stock up on pre cut frozen fruit: pineapple chunks, mango slices, berries… (look for fruit that is flash

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3 Day Whole Foods Detox Cleanse & Shopping List

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail3 Day Detox: Do you want to have tighter, clearer skin? A flatter tummy? More energy? Then try a Whole Foods Cleanse. How to know if you need a Cleanse? You might need a cleanse if: you feel bloated you haven’t been eating as healthfully as you should if your skin isn’t as tight or elastic as it usually is if your skin has redness or

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4 Simple Ways to Drink More Water

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail& 4 Health Benefits to Drinking More Water 4 Simple Ways to Drink More Water Drink a glass of water when you wake up, before every meal and snack and before bed Make naturally flavored water with my Detox Infusion Bottles.Ā  It’s easier to drink more water when it tastes good and you know it’s loaded with healthy nutrients. Eat fruit and vegetables that contain alot

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Mmmmm. Make your own Naturally flavored waters! & Detox Water Recipes!

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemail Fit Mom Must Have! Healthy hydration for the whole family! Make your own naturally flavored water with added nutrients! Now available in 2 logos: purple & green! Ā EITHER BOTTLE INCLUDES SIGNED 8X10 & KIANA’S POWER WATERS E-GUIDE DETOX BOTTLES I sip water all day long to detoxify and hydrate my body.Ā  I don’t drink sodas and straight juice is just too much sugar.Ā  But I

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Top Picks for Wedge Sneakers

Share & lose 5lbs. šŸ˜›FacebookTwitterPinterestemailDo you like the Wedge Fashion Sneaker trend? High heels in an athletic shoe Fun way to elongate your legs, look sexy, fit and casual – all at the same time When I first saw them I thought they were ridiculous. They looked cheap and I thought, “who would EVER where those?” Oops. Now for some reason,Ā  I am attracted to them.Ā  I think it’s because

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