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Butt Burner Exercise for a Tighter Tush & Better Booty


Who wants a tighter, lifted booty? Me too!

No Gear Required to Tighten Your Butt! Try this Simple Move! Looks easy but betcha can’t do 50?

This brief videos shows you how to do Booty Burners to lift and tighten your glutes. It’s simple to do at home on a fitness bench or floor. Do 15 reps, 3 sets.  The key is to “hold” your legs up and flex your glutes and lower slowly, keeping your feet off the floor the entire time.


Another great butt tightener is the Bird Dog.  Get on all fours, shoulders retracted, core tight.  Raise opposite leg and arm, hold a beat, making a nice long line from your fingers to your toes.  Hold a few seconds and repeat other side. 15 reps each side 3 sets.

Kiana Tom Fit Mom TV Bird Dogs Exercise


Stay Fit Moms!



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