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Bumble Bees & M&Ms

Halloween Flash Back

My BFF Crunch & My Beautiful Bumble Bee

Kiana was 4.   The cutest Bumble Bee I’ve ever seen.  Loves her Mommy.  Doesn’t understand why her big sister doesnt’ want to play with her 🙁 Love everything! Everything is so exciting!  I love her enthusiasm it’s so contagious! Crunch, my 110 lb lab/shepard/chow.  My heart is heavy as I type this post. I am still that sad after 3 years 🙂 I rescued Crunch as a little puppy, he would lay in my palms.  I rescued him from the shelter, someone left him in the garbage dump 🙁 He passed away after 14 years with me. It hurts so much to think of him not with me. He visits me in my dreams. I miss him soooo much. We watched the sunset together every single night. I named him Crunch because he would always rest his head on my shoulder as I did Crunches as if to give me more resistance 🙂  Aloha Crunch! Mommy LOVES you! halloween_crunch_fitmomtv-com_


Now to look at something that makes me smile and feel happier!

My daughters, Kiana Jr. and Anelalani (4 and 8) at the time this was taken. Such fun I had getting them dressed for Halloween as a Beautiful Bumble Bee and M&M!

Beautiful! Just look at her skin and smile!halloween_ab_400px



What did YOUR kids dress up as? Any Halloween stories to share ?


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