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Guc*i Dups

Fit Mom Fashion Alert! $12 Sunglasses! I have a collection of designer sunglasses by Gucci, Tom Ford, Dolce Gabanna, Versace, etc. that I bought at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms for over $500 each and I keep grabbing these to wear! I bought the black / gold and leopard :). Also love these Gu**i Dups here

Driving my 12-year-old daughter to school the other morning, she asked me, “Mommy, who’s your bestie?” After all, she has a new one each week. I thought longer than I realized. I said, “Daddy.” She said, “No, I mean a girl Bestie.” Hm. Good question, grasshopper. I’d been so busy being a Mom that I forgot to have a Bestie. I mean, I workout with a group of amazing Fit Moms but we don’t socialize much outside of training.

Timing is everything. So the other day when I happened to be relaxing for 5 minutes which rarely happens, I get a call from a long lost Bestie. “Hi Kiana, want to meet for lunch? OMG. Yes.”

Her name is Julie and we were / still are BFFs, she even worked helping me with wardrobe on Kiana’s Flex Appeal for me, after all, I did meet her at Nordstrom where she worked in the women’s dept., calling me to tell me “Kiana, I filled a dressing room with clothing you will LOVE!” and she was right, we have the same taste in clothes!

We hadn’t seen each other in years. I mean 8+ years. We used to spend 2-3 days per week together and often travel together. And we live close to each other. We had the best time, laughing nonstop, asking ourselves “Why did we wait so long to get together?” We both have super busy lives and families of our own. I literally had forgotten just how fun it was to hang out, talk about anything and everything at the same time since we could both follow 10 different conversations at once.

We laughed so much that strangers were coming up to us, commenting how much fun we were having. Laughing is anti aging, boosts endorphins, lowers blood pressure & works your abs.

Even though we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, we picked up right where we left off. As if we just saw each other. We were surprised (but not surprised) that we wore similar outfits (leggings, tank top, motorcycle jacket), both had big hair and bigger sunglasses. We ordered the same big salad and sparkling water for lunch. Guess that’s what Besties do.

We promised not to wait so long next time to meet for lunch. So I hope this inspires you to call your BFF and make the time to laugh, smile and give yourself and your friend a boost 🙂

When I picked up my daughter from school, I told her I do have a Bestie. She was so happy for me. Me too.

PS Get my sunglasses here, they are only $12! I love them! I have many Gucci, Tom Ford, Dolce Gabanna designer sunglasses that I bought at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms for over $500 each and I love these just as much!

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