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7 Healthy Soccer & Sports Team Snack Ideas

Fit Mom Fruit Kabobs - Healthy Soccer Snacks -

Organic fruit, bright colors, vitamin C 🙂

Juicy Fit Mom Fruit Kabobs

Healthy Snacks for my daughter’s Soccer Team! ️️️

My 7 year old daughter has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old.  She and I discuss what healthy snacks her team mates would enjoy at half time and after the game.  Then we go to the market and make the snacks together.  She is so excited to hand out the snacks that she helped prepare.

During the soccer season, the parents sign up to bring snacks for the Team. There have been many times parents brought less than healthy snacks for the girls to eat: doughnuts, candy bars, fruit roll ups, soda pop…EEK!!!!! I always provide water instead of Gatorade or juice, because as a Mom of 2 young children, I know they don’t drink enough pure water.

Other healthy Soccer Snack ideas include:

  1. Juicy Fit Mom Fruit Kabobs
  2. String Cheese and Sliced Apples
  3. Orange Slices
  4. Crackers and individual Hummus Packets
  5. Whole Foods Bars
  6. Frozen grapes – kids LOVE these!
  7. Pretzels with individual packets of natural peanut butter to dip them in (make sure no one is allergic to peanuts)

What healthy snacks do your kids enjoy that are good for them and fun to eat?

Fit Mom Fruit Kabobs - Healthy Soccer Snacks -

She loves handing out the healthy snacks that she helped prepare 🙂


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