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Fit Mom 30 Day Challenge | Home Workout Plan

Get on a regular fitness program and create a healthy habit with our Fit Mom 30 Day Challenge!

In this Program you will train 3x per week using dumbbells or any weighted objects you have at home such as: soup cans, containers of coconut water, bottles of water, laundry soap jugs, etc. This is a terrific place to start on your Fit Mom journey.

To get started, simply purchase this Package and start training! You will receive a link to download the App that includes your Fit Mom Training Calendar, showing you what Workouts to do on your training Days, sets, reps, duration, form and technique. Video demonstrations of each exercise are included conveniently next to each exercise.

Also includes: Goal Focused Meal Plan by Registered Dietician of your choice for fat loss, maintenance or muscle gain.

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