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3 Exercises for Abs & Butt Exercises Moms Will Love



Flatten your Abs

These are so fun to do and comfortable on your back.  Starting Position: Hold a light weight or light medicine ball in your hands at your chest. Press the small of your back into the mat, shoulders off the floor. Legs are at 90 degrees to your upper body, knees and ankles over your hips, knees slightly bent.  From this position, straighten your arms and press the ball toward the SUN 🙂 or your toes. Hold a beat and slowly lower to starting position. Do 3 sets of 15 reps.



Butt Lift

This is one of my favorite anti-aging booty exercises to really lift and tighten your butt (or Okole which is Hawaiian for butt!)  Starting Position: on a bench, tighten your core, the edge of the bench should be where your legs / hips bend. With knees bent, raise your legs so the thighs are parallel to the mats. With feet flexed, lift your legs to the sky, flexing your butt. You should feel this in the upper part of your booty. Do 3 sets, 15 reps.



Killer Core Move

I love doing these, they are challenging but a fun cardio that really gives you sexy, defined, strong shoulders!  Hold the fitness bench, elbows slightly bent. Hop with both feet from side to side keeping the abs flexed and tight. Exhale with each hop. Beginners can step side to side and work up to bench hops.


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