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Top 10 grocery items I always buy

You are what you eat and don’t eat 🙂

  1. Protein: Eggs (I buy 2 dozen each time/ 1 Dz for hard boiling and 1 Dz for cooking, skinless boneless chicken, extra lean ground turkey, extra lean steak, lean pork, plain Greek yogurt, Tofu (also love buying soft Tofu to add to smoothies for extra protein! Firm Tofu is best for stir fry meals), Cheese: Shredded, soft cheeses for sunset appetizers, Black Beans.  I always stock up if there’s a special and have an extra freezer in the garage.  It’s important to have protein on hand to make meals without having to go to the store for the 10th time in a week!
  2. Fruit: Organic, Fresh & bags of Frozen fruit for protein shakes & smoothies, toppers for low sugar ice cream.  I always buy a dozen bananas, I peel and slice 6 and put in freezer to add to protein shakes for an ice-cream-like shake and muscle cramp preventing potassium 🙂
  3. Carbs: Organic Yams, Gold Potatoes, Sweet Rice (aka sticky rice), brown rice, Protein pasta
  4. Veggies / Bagged Greens: Organic / Frozen: Spinach, arugula, squash, bell peppers, field greens etc.
  5. Water: Sparkling (plain & flavored) & Flat
  6. Healthy Fats: Avocado, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Butter from Grass Fed Cows, natural nut butters – I love almond butter
  7. Treats: Dark Chocolate (70% Dark Cocoa), low sugar ice cream, etc.
  8. Soups: Tomato, Chicken Soup (great for cooking and sipping)
  9. Crunch: Pre packaged nuts for snacks on the go, baked chips, whole grain crackers…
  10. Wine: chardonnay….Well, I’m a Mom, aren’t I?


Members watch video on portions here


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