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Top Fit Mom Lifestyle Brand by Kiana Tom, Star of Kiana's Flex Appeal


by Kiana Tom, Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal & Founder of Fit Mom TV

Create healthy habits to last a lifetime.

The key to healthy living is consistency. It’s about making positive choices & realistic changes to create healthy habits. Regular exercise & clean eating increases energy, improves your mood, boosts your immune system, prevents injury, reduces body fat, increases lean muscle & fights the effects of aging. Keep moving forward with 10 simple tips to create healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Exercise early. Start your day doing something positive for yourself by exercising 1st thing in the morning. Morning training sets the tone for the day, makes healthy choices easier & revs your metabolism all day long. Waiting to workout until the end of the day often means something will come up to prevent you from training. (Checkout our amazing online workout classes here)

Eat colorful foods for a variety of nutrients

Be consistent. Consistency is key to a fit body. Strive to make daily exercise a habit, just like brushing your teeth.

Focus on the positive. If you skip a workout, don’t dwell on it, train harder the next day.

Do a new workout every time you train for the best results!

Train with a partner. Knowing someone is counting on you to be there, makes it easier to stick to your workouts. Plus, you’re more likely to finish those pull-ups with your partner watching you. Peer pressure works.

Surround yourself with like minded, supportive people who share your goals!

Set goals. Sign up for a race, contest or fitness challenge. Having a goal in sight is an inspirational way to stay focused.

Eat clean & often. Eat 5-6 mini meals per day instead of 3 large meals. Eat every few hours to keep your blood sugar levels even & prevent yourself from getting so hungry that you eat junk. Choose healthier pre-made options such as a kale salad kit with pre-cooked chicken breast on top. Eat more fruit & veggies by blending them into a creamy smoothie. (Checkout our Fit Cook Book available in downloadable format or softcover here)

Drink more water. Studies show that most people are dehydrated. Water flushes toxins from the body, improves physical performance, boosts energy & brain function. Often, when we think we’re hungry, we’re thirsty.

Shop smart. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where they keep the produce, dairy & protein. Avoid the center aisles where the processed foods are stored. Buy organic when possible & eat food in a variety of colors for a wide range of nutrients.

Eat at home. Control what you eat & how your food is prepared by cooking it yourself. Stick to grilled, broiled, poached, baked, boiled, steamed or raw. When you eat at restaurants, be picky in a friendly way & order food exactly how you want it prepared to stick to your clean eating way of life.

Happy is healthy. Spend more time with people who lift your spirits instead of bringing you down. Surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people with similar goals & positive attitudes.

Kiana Tom is the Creator & Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show reaching 80 million homes worldwide on ESPN, award-winning fitness expert, television host, author, actress, wife & mom.

“Best in Fitness” USA Today
“Fitness Queen” Access Hollywood
“Top Fitness Expert” CBS Health
“Top Digital Mom” OC Magazine

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